June 9th-14th 2021 *Arlington Texas Stake* Come To Know   

Our physical journey to Nauvoo will start June 9th however we invite you to begin your spiritual journey today.  This journey will allow you to better Come to Know (CTK) Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, strengthen your testimony of the restoration and prepare you to enter the temple of the Lord.   Start your spiritual journey today!  In doing this you will be following the Lord’s pattern of creating all things spiritually first and Come to Know the blessings of spiritual preparation (Moses 3:5).

Honor code

Read and agree to follow the honor code.

Spiritual Preparation

How can I Spiritually Prepare?

Come To Know

We will provide a monthly “Come to Know” publication.  Please READ it!  

F A Qs

Do you have any other questions?

We can answer them.

Before going to Nauvoo, you need to read and agree to follow the Honor Code. This form can be downloaded by clicking below.



This form will need to be signed by you, your parents or guardians, and your bishop and returned to your ward Young Men or Young Women leaders by Sunday, Feb 14th 2021.

How can I spiritually prepare for this event?

Our physical journey to Nauvoo will start June 9th however we invite YOU to begin your spiritual journey today.  

This journey will allow you to better Come to Know (CTK) Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, strengthen your testimony of the restoration and prepare you to enter the temple of the Lord.  

Come to Know

We will provide a  “Come to Know” publication.  Please READ it!  We will have a variety of spiritual theme taking us through Church History from The First Vision to Carthage Jail.  It will offer suggestions for personal, family, leader and YM/YW application. 

Here are three simple activities that you can diligently work on between now and July to spiritually prepare for our trip.

        Power Hour
        Monthly Nauvoo themes
        Personal Worship (Prayer & daily scriptures)

Power Hour

You can do a great deal of your Family History by dedicating just one hour each week. We call this hour “Power Hour” because the power of heaven will be poured out on you as you faithfully work on these things:

        Family History
        Scripture mastery applications

Just think how much you will grow spiritually and how powerful the spirit will be in your homes now and in Nauvoo if every youth in our stake diligently sets aside a Power Hour each Sunday.

Monthly Nauvoo Themes
Through your ward youth leaders, each month you  can use spiritual and historical tools to help you prepare for the Nauvoo experience. As you make Nauvoo part of your mutual activities, your family home evenings, and your personal study you will arrive in Nauvoo ready to partake of the wonderful spirit of learning and testimony which will attend us.

Personal Worship
There is no substitution; personal prayer and daily scripture study are fundamental to a spiritual journey. There are times when you need to Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R).

Come To Know
Joseph Smith

Come To Know

Joseph Smith


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How do I register and what is the deadline?

Registration is open NOW—a link will be sent to all YM/YW presidents, and posted on the ASY Facebook page.You can also register on the HOME page of this website.

Click on the Register button at the bottom of the page, fill out the document and submit.  Your online registration and down-payment is due Sunday, Feb. 14th 2021

In addition to the online registration form, you need to turn in a Parental Permission and Buddy Form.  These forms may be downloaded and printed from the (preparation) page and should be turned in to your Ward Young Men or Young Women leaders by Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021  The registration process is not fully complete until these required, signed forms are turned in. 

If you do not have internet access, please speak with your ward Young Women or Young Men leaders and they will ensure that you have access to the required forms.


What is the cost for the trip?


What is the payment schedule?

1st payment  $75 due  Sunday Feb 14th 2021  (buddy form & parent permission form due)

Final Payment $75 due  Sunday May 2nd 2021 (honor code form due)

How do I make a payment?

Use a tithing envelope. On the line item OTHER enter NAUVOO along with your payment and give to a member of the bishopric.

Who can attend?

 Adventure Nauvoo is for youth in the Young Men’s or Young Women’s programs of the Arlington TX Stake who will be (turning14) or older. Youth who graduate from high school in 2021 may attend.

How were adult leaders selected?

All adult leaders will be prayerfully selected and invited to come under the direction of the Stake Presidency.


Can I bring non-member or a friend from another stake?

Due to the logistics and expense associated with the Nauvoo trip, participants who are not members of the Arlington TX Stake will not be able to attend.


Can parents or other family members attend?

Should your family choose to come to Nauvoo while we are there, they should not expect to participate in activities planned for you, tag along on the planned itinerary, or keep you from these events.   Family attendance may distract you from the full life changing, spiritual experience that High Adventure Nauvoo will provide.  Please plan your family vacations at a different time.


Can I meet up with my family at the end of the Nauvoo Trip to leave on our family vacation?

Activities during the travel to and from Nauvoo are part of the trip, and we encourage you to participate.  However, it would be possible to meet up with your family before the group leaves Nauvoo. Advance arrangements with stake leaders will be necessary.


If I have a conflict, can I come for just part of the time in Nauvoo?

We would ask you to commit to attending the entire Nauvoo Trip due to the complexity of making arrangements, providing accommodations, and ensuring for the safety of over 120 youth. Also, great activities are planned for each day, which you won’t want to miss!

What if someone (who meets requirements to participate) moves into our stake after the registration deadline?

It will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Participation will depend on availability.


Do I need to bring money?               

You may bring some spending money for snacks and souvenirs.


Will there be bathrooms on the buses?

Yes, and we will stop occasionally for bathroom breaks.


Will the cabins be air-conditioned?               



Can we bring snacks on the bus?                   

You may bring WATER and snacks.

Can I bring electronic devices?

Cell phones are permitted as long as they are used in an appropriate manner and at appropriate times. They may be used to take pictures, access scriptures, read books, listen to music, etc., especially on the long bus ride, but should generally be turned off/put away during any group discussions/activities, and Sunday meetings. *Schedule will designate when phones are NOT permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions